to each their own sound. 

That's the governing maxim at Deadbird Studios. We're here to listen. We provide the space, the guidance, and the tools that you need to take your project from concept to reality. With decades of collective experience working with artists from across the musical spectrum, there's no task that we're not equipped to handle, from tackling the most daunting mixes to preserving the subtlest nuances of a voice or an instrument. Pro Tools HDX. Conversion by Antelope. Plugins from Brainworx, Waves, Liquidsonics, FXpansion, Slate, Softube. Monitoring by Neumann. A Mara JH-24 tape machine. A Trident mixer and outboard from Dave Hill, Avalon, Empirical Labs and Focusrite. A mic locker featuring Josephson, Bock Audio, Royer, Coles, and many more. And 1700 square feet of space devoted solely to the task of creating. From pre-production to master, it's your vision. And we've got the tools to help you realize it.  


Our clients include: Low Cut Connie, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Wear Your Wounds, Wax Fang, John Clay, Comess, Quality Cable, Nick Dittmeier, Trophy Wives, Quiet Hollers, Seluah, Cabin, Insect Policy, Lydia Burrell, Fifth On The Floor, Discount Guns, Joann + the Dakotas, Otis Jr., Ocifer, Bearhammer, Great Floods, American Lesions, Nulydedz and many more.